“Only Mine – Revamped” story


“Ever since their first meet, Ameya has been dreaming how it would be nice to have such a nice big brother like Ryuu-nii. 7 years later, she meets him again and she cannot believe that her dreams come true as he’s about to be her step-brother. Unfortunately, it turns out Ryuuki is no longer a gentle and kind person like the one she has met. Worst, now she has to stay with him until she finishes school in Ysaoka. How will she live with someone that clearly doesn’t approve of her and her mother coming into his family? Does Ryuuki remember her, the little girl he met at the park years ago?”


Author : Fyachii

Genre(s) : Romance, friendship, comedy, shoujo

Status : On-hold

Proofreader : @Lyrea (Michelle)

Special Translator :  @toys-of-dukeness

Note : This is a story generally about their life. So, you may find some things that happen in here are important and some are not important all. Why? Because, like I said, everything that I do in this story is all about their everyday life and of course, just for fun. While I’m having fun telling this mushy, cheesy, romance story, I hope everyone is enjoying it, too! Thank you so much for stopping by and read them. Any feedbacks and questions are very appreciated. ☺

Warning : You may find stuff in here are mushy, cheesy or too sweet that it can rot your teeth. If this kind of romance story is not your cup of tea, then I believe you’re on the wrong blog, my friend 🙂 Also, English is not my strongest point, so I apologize for any mistakes.

25 thoughts on ““Only Mine – Revamped” story

    • Thank you so much, Brenda! *dances* I’m happy too knowing that you like this story! 😀 But have no worries because I am continuing this story, we already have 5 chapters that I posted. Hope you’ll enjoy reading them. hehe. I’m making poses for my chapter 5 at the moment so, we will see new chapter soon 😀

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